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“We maximize your revenue by streamlining your network”

Being the fastest growing industry in the world, ICT industry is increasingly making it difficult to give an answer about what solution providers need to optimize the network or maximize the profit. Understanding and maintaining the network cost has become a key concern for IT/telecom experts.

Telecontran assists by providing consulting approach with in-depth IT and Telecom expertise to our ICT clients who are facing new business challenges. We support our clients by creating cost effective value proposition and deploy technology for operations optimization. In one word, Telecontran’s objective is to not only to lower costs, but also to work with the management teams to increase productivity.

Network Planning and Design

In order to plan and design the network with the highest quality and constructability, it is essential that we know and understand the existing system so that we can engineer and design the most appropriate solution to provide the most cost effecting network. Telecontran takes multiple factors such has network growth, business requirements, subscribers’ demand, customers’ complain etc.into consideration and assist you to draft the blueprint of the proposed network. We perform feasibility study on behalf of our client and assist them to make economically sound decision.Our Service includes,

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Network and Physical Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mobile radio coverage predictions including site selection
  • Interfacing with IP-centric networks/systems
  • Digital Microwave Link and Fiber Optics system design
  • Calculate network coverage and capacity, interference, perform automated cell and frequency planning
  • Perform network analysis by using Cellular Expert tools for profiling, coverage and visibility

Furthermore, we assist you in the transition towards a secure network that is easy to maintain.

Network Audit and Optimization

Telecontran’s consultant is able to do audit in your network and provide you solution for optimizing your network.
Our approach is to evaluate all areas of your voice, video and data communications, provide recommendations that is specific to your situation and requirements, and implement the solution to ensure rapid productivity.
Even though service providers offer the latest technologies with adequate support from the vendors, there is still a need of conducting proper measurement of network performance as well as benchmarking the network. Telecontran’s service includes,

  • Drive Testing
  • Network Benchmarking
  • Post processing of Performance Data
  • Radio Network Optimization

Telecom Tower Design and Antenna Installation

A fully functional tower is the key solution for a successful business of ICT services providers. We specialize in identifying the problems in the beginning and with structural analysis and upgrades and foundation inspection, our tower maintenance services can help you avoid bigger repairs down the line.

Telecontran is able to install monopole, flag pole, guy tower, or self supporting tower through our consultants and technicians with a diverse background in the installation of short wave, microwave, AM and FM radio, broadcast and cable TV, cellular, wireless, wind energy and meteorological towers.

Our service includes,

  • Site Acquisition and Ground Inspection
  • Tower and Antenna Installation
  • Testing Transmission Line and Antenna system
  • Tower and ground Maintenance
  • Support for Antenna Safety

We take pride in saying that our resources are well-trained with today’s most popular brands
of connectors and are equipped with current connecting tools to ensure the installation is done perfectly.

Vendor Sourcing and Management

You need equipment, software for your network and system and you are not sure what you need to install. Or you simply to purchase equipment or rather have the vendor to install and maintain for you.

Please be assured that we will assist you in your vendor selection process. Whether you need to expand,upgrade your existing system or require a completely new system to make an affirmative contribution to your company, Telecontran’s consultants will assist you to select the right vendor for you.

We also assist our clients to prepare RFP (Request for Proposal) for bidding a tender and during the process,we pro-actively assist in performing the bid response evaluation in an objective manner especially mindful not to overlook other parameters in the bid response.

Project Management

Telecontran is glad to provide accredited specialists to manage and implement all aspects of ICT projects.

We provide Project Management services through the role of Project Manager, Project Engineer, Construction Team Member, or as Project Coordinator. We can assist you in the following areas

  • Project requirement analysis
  • Review of new technology
  • RFP Preparation
  • Supplier assessmenta and negotiation
  • Project management and Implementation

IT Consultancy

Telecontran delivers IT solutions with high quality when it comes to IT Design, Development, Engineering and Testing. We have a wide range of skills that are available through our short term consultancy service.

We are able to provide skilled It professionals to support consultancy in any of the following areas :

  • Cloud and Technology Implementation
  • Managed Cloud Solutions
  • Network Virtualization
  • IT System Audit
  • Full IT System design
  • Software testing
  • IP Security and Data Protection

ICT Products Supply and Installation

Through the partnership with leading ICT manufacturers around the world and in association with major ICT distributors and importers, Telecontran identifies and supplies a full range of ICT products, services and solutions to its clients.

We supply ICT products as per following areas but not limited to:

  • Servers
  • Computers – Desktop, Laptop
  • Printing Machines – Printer, Scanner, Copier
  • Cameras – CCTV, IP Camera
  • Networking accessories – LAN, WiFi, Router, Modem, Switch etc.
  • Backup and Storage Devices
  • Multiple Software – Operating System, Antivirus, Accounting etc.
  • Computer accessories – Mouse, Keyboard, Power Supply, Adapter etc.
  • Communication devices – IP Phone, VOIP Handsets and accessories, Walkie Talkie etc.

Having a pool of expert technicians, Telecontran is proud to offer multiple services such as installation, maintenance and repairing to its clients.