Course Duration


Course Objectives

ACE3600 is an all-in-one package that includes the RTU, radio and software for quick installation. The ACE3600 features a graphical user interface (GUI) that minimizes training time by allowing system configurations and network operations to be managed through simple, user-friendly applications. The GUI includes program and system self-maintenance software tools.

This 2-day workshop would assist the participants (advanced users) in understanding how to manage the reliable RTUs using ACE 3600 to make the ever changing technologies do a remarkable job of leveling the playing field.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand the Advanced level ACE RTU’s Ladder Programming
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge transfer on Motorola RTUs based systems.

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for Automation Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Managers and Professionals who are passionate about Ladder Programming, SCADA, PLC/RLC programming etc.

Course Curriculum

ACE3600 Overview and limitation

Ladder Programming Software

Advanced ACE 3600 Ladder Programming

Advanced Application Programming

Advanced Generic FIU/RTU Application Programming

Ladder Programming Overview

Course Curriculum

RTU to RTU Communications (maser, slave, pier to pier)

Data/link/special data/file register and Protocol Analyzer/

Software Diagnostics (Online)

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Training Date
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