Course Duration


Course Objectives

The ICT Industry is constantly changing and evolving around the world making a technology comes along that is capable of disrupting the industry. Data centres have burgeoned in recent years and access to the data in this cloud based world is a critical challenge. Data centre virtualization has evolved to help solve the performance, cost and access issues that complex data centres create.

Telecontran’s Data Centre Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure workshop provides knowledge, skills and competences for a resilient organization, covering a wide-ranging effect on the network infrastructure and explains how Data centre virtualization can reduce OPEX on facilities, hardware, simplify administration and maintenance and gives a greener profile.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand the need for Data Centre Virtualization
  • Assess the impact of NFV, SDN and above all Data centre virtualization Deployments and Strategies on network architectures
  • Understand concepts behind service and infrastructure evolution and cloud computing.
  • Implement Data Storage strategies and Security and Performance considerations in a Multi-tenant environment.

Target Audience

This course targets Professionals, such as Managers Executives, Directors, Strategic Planners who are engaged in Storage/Networking/IT Domain with operational aspects of live, running data centres.

Course Curriculum

Introduction on Data Centre
  • What is a Data Centre
  • Data Centre Components
  • Data Centre Infrastructure
Introduction on Virtualization
  • Virtualization Definition
  • Types of Virtualization Technology
  • Area of Data Centre Virtualization
  • Virtualization Technology Area
Compute / Server Virtualization
  • Introduction to Server
  • Server Virtualization History
  • Server Virtualization Technology
  • Server Virtualization Features
  • Linux Container and Docket
  • Virtual Machine

Course Curriculum

Network Virtualization
  • Data Centre Network Topology Evolution
  • Physical Network Layout Consideration
  • Network Virtualization
  • Virtual Networking Services
Storage Virtualization
  • Types of Storage
  • Accessing Data
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Storage Virtualization

Course Curriculum

Virtual Data Centre
  • Virtualizing Compete Data Centre
Components Cloud Infrastructure
  • Definition of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture
  • Demonstration of Cloud Infrastructure (OpenStack and Proxmox VE)
Data Centre Operations Management
  • Why we need it
  • Advantages of Data Centre Operations Management
  • Standards best for data centre design and management

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