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Course Objectives

Big data refers to a large volume of data, both in the structured and unstructured form and Big data analytics has become an important function of several businesses all across the world. The insights gained through the analysis of big data help make important and strategic business decisions and effectively help an enterprise gain a competitive edge. Living in a digital world today, we can see every enterprise in the world is going after Big Data in order to derive valuable insights out of the huge amount of raw data.

The objective of Telecontran’s 2-day Workshop on Big Data Analytics is to present an overview of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles and approaches. Develop a basic understanding of the building blocks of AI as presented in terms of intelligent agents: Search, Knowledge representation, inference, logic, and learning. Participants will implement a small AI system in a team environment.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Design a knowledge based system
  • Be familiar with terminology used in this topical area
  • Read and Analyze important historical and current trends addressing BigData and artificial intelligence.
  • Gain Knowledge of big data applications.

Target Audience

This course is targeted to Data Architects, Data Scientists, Developers, Project Managers, Data Analysts and Professionals who want to acquire knowledge on Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

Course Curriculum

Big Data Analytics for Decision Support and Use Cases
  • What is Big Data and Big Data Analytics?
  • Terms and Concepts of Big Data
  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence
  • Potential use of decision support
Predictive Modeling Basics
  • What it takes to predict outcomes and cost?
  • What data you need to collected
  • How to enrich data to gain more insight
  • Types of machine learning algorithms
  • The business and data relationships within the different types of industry

Course Curriculum

Consumerism and Operationalization
  • Models appropriate for the business cases and Performance Evaluation
  • Layering appropriate decision support methods on top of predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Key to blending decision support into the existing ecosystem of your business workflow and technology infrastructure
Advanced Topics in Operationalization
  • Prescription, Alerts and Reminder
  • How analytics can improve the business
Case Studies
  • Machine Learning At Google: The Amazing Use Case Of Becoming A Fully Sustainable Business
  • How McDonald's Is Getting Ready For the 4th Industrial Revolution Using AI, Big Data And Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: The Amazing Digital Transformation Of Elsevier From Publisher To Tech Company

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