Course Duration


Course Objectives

While global mobile data traffic and smartphone usage are growing exponentially, telco industry is embracing the use of data to make the best possible decisions. A more globalized view of roaming traffic is the key to the highest levels of interconnection quality and accuracy, especially moving to more advanced roaming technologies such as, VoLTE and 5G roaming.

The 3-day Workshop on International Roaming with Commercial and Technical Coordination is specifically designed to make a correspondence between commercial and technical aspects of International Roaming. The course offers extensive coverage over roaming business trends and commercials along with pricing and costing as well as technical consideration in stimulating roaming usage growth in latest technologies such as LTE, VoLTE, 5G and IoT.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand International roaming as business opportunities and learn on how to deal with necessary SLA
  • Sketch the costing and pricing trend as well as negotiation models in international roaming.
  • Learn about regulatory strategies and guidelines in international roaming.
  • Gain knowledge on GRQ, IREG,TADIG Testing and different QoS Parameters that is used for International Roaming
  • Explain the technical aspects of international roaming using modern technologies such as 4G / LTE, VoLTE, 5G, IoT etc.

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for professionals of mobile network operators, regulators who need to understand the principles of roaming along with its commercial and technical aspects. Telecommunications or marketing managers, executives or any personnel responsible for international traffic, roaming, commercial arrangements and settlements can attend this workshop.

Course Curriculum

Roaming Marketing and Commercials
  • Commercial considerations in International Mobile Roaming
  • IMR Retail Customer
  • Business Opportunities and Cases in Roaming
  • Marketing concepts applied to roaming
  • Inbound / Outbound market share
Costing and Pricing in Roaming
  • Pricing Trends
  • Tariff Innovation
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Postpaid and Prepaid roaming pricing
  • Data Roaming cost
  • Retail Pricing and Margins
  • Markup, Zonal and Bundle Pricing
  • Discount Negotiation - Inbound and Outbound
  • IOT Discount Models
Regulation of International Roaming
  • ITU
  • GSMA
  • Working Group of GSMA Infocentre
  • Guidelines for National Regulatory Authority
  • IMR Regulatory Issues
  • Regional and International Association Initiatives
Steering of Roaming (SoR)
  • SoR Cooperation Principles
  • SS7 based methods
  • SS7 based Steering Guideline
  • Steering in LTE Network
  • Dynamic OTA Steering
  • SoR in 5GS

Course Curriculum

Roaming Coordination
  • International Mobile Roaming Agreements
  • AA.12 and AA.13
  • Other IRA Agreements
  • Latest versions and Signature process
  • Best practices for international roaming agreements
  • Roaming Agreement EXchange (RAEX)
  • RAEX IR.21
IREG and Tadig Testing
  • IREG Test Cases
  • Pre Testing Data Exchange
  • Testing Process
  • TAP Testing Process
  • TAP Test Cases (TTC)
Roaming KPI
  • Roaming QoS Parameters
  • Test Methodologis
  • GRQ Test result
  • GRQ KPI Threshold

Course Curriculum

Roaming in 4G/LTE and VoLTE
  • NGRAI (Next Generation Roaming and Interoperability)
  • LTE Roaming
  • GRX / IPX based Interconnection
  • S8HR VoLTE Roaming
  • Billing Issues
  • VoLTE Roaming Checklist
  • SMSoIP
Roaming in 5G Network
  • 5G Standalone (SA) and Non Standalone (NSA)
  • 5G Roaming Interface
  • N9 Interface
  • GTP-U
  • 5G Interworking and Co Existence with E-UTRAN and EPC
  • 5G Network Slicing
  • 5G Roaming Security
IoT Roaming
  • Roaming in LoRaWAN
  • LoRaWAN 5G Integration
  • Mobile IoT
  • LPWA Roaming
  • NB-IOT and LTE-M
Roaming Fraud and Solutions
  • Roaming Fraud Scenarios
  • IRSF
  • Spoofing, Wangiri, SIM box
  • OTT bypass
  • Fraud Protection
  • NRTRDE solution

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