About US

TELECONTRAN ltd is an advanced, pioneering and creative research Centre and consulting firm founded by specialized and experienced IT and Telecom professionals expertized in multiple sectors of Telecom and IT industries.

Our Mission

We bring value to the Telecom and IT Industries through our innovative, efficient, neutral and high quality services and cost effective training solutions.

Our Vision

We see Telecontran to be a global leader in Telecom infrastructure solutions and training services.

Our Team

We are proud to announce that our consultants and researchers have successfully completed over 1000 projects for telecom and IT industries globally with excellent feedback.

With a presence in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Africa, TELECONTRAN has a truly global reach.

We are committed to conduct what we promised to do.

We address the challenges that the telco industries faces in their day to day works and we provide necessary support with proper training and consultancy services that any provider requires to thrive in the current environment.

Commitment & Quality

We are committed to conduct what we promised to do.

We deliver the highest level of service to all our clients at all times as we are committed to provide consistent quality products and services.

Up to date technology

Our consultants are valued resources with up to date knowledge and experience over the technologies are we are proud to serve our clients with updated knowledge on the technologies.

Teamwork & Credibility

We encourage continued development of network infrastructure and the individuals through our cohesive and collaborative teamwork

Above all, we do what we say with high standard of business ethics and integrity.