Course Duration


Course Objectives

Telecommunication Towers are assets of a telecom or ICT company since they are used as the backbone of a communication system. For all kind of terrains, towers provide very important aspects in providing radio coverage or transmitting the signals. Such critical assets require routine inspection and maintenance to avoid deterioration over time and to reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Learn how to do site survey in different geographical terrains and what will be parameters to maintain the tower performance.
  • Understand various antenna types and installation techniques used in the Cellular and RF industry.
  • Learn advantages and disadvantages of the various antenna mounts, sector frames
  • Comprehend Infrastructure Sharing and its requirement
  • Understand the hazards that a tower and a cabin can face and what will be the solution for each hazard.
  • Gain an understanding of current relevant legislation and be able to dismantle, erect and inspect mobile access towers safely

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for strategic or technical managers, consultants, communications professionals, system engineers, network professionals, especially Rollout Engineers who are involved in Tower installation and maintenance. 

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Telecommunication Tower
  • What is Telecom Tower
  • History of Telecom Tower
  • Operational range of Cell Tower
  • Demand Driver
Module 2: Tower Categories
  • Tower Bracing System
  • Categories of Cell Tower
  • Operational Perspective of Site Survey
Module 3: Tower Site Rollout
  • Site Acquisition
  • Technical Site Survey
  • Operational Perspective of Site Survey
  • Antenna Selection and Design
  • Survey Report
Module 4: Civil Construction and Tower Erection
  • Cell Site Construction
  • Materials used to construct Cell Towers
  • Considerations for Cell Tower Construction
  • Self Supporting Tower two basic Types
  • Monopole Tower
  • Guyed Tower

Course Curriculum

Module 5: Power Requirement and Operations of Cellular Tower
  • Modelling the Power Consumption of Cell Towers
  • Power system configuration for cell towers
  • Renewable Energy Powered Cellular Towers
  • Hybrid Power Site
Module 6: Telecom Tower Infrastructure Sharing
  • Active and Passive Infrastructure Sharing
  • Challenges in Infrastructure Sharing
  • Infrastructure Regulation
  • Infrastructure Players
Module 7: Telecom Tower Safety and Maintenance
  • Tower Climbing Safety
  • Routine Maintenance Check
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Checks
  • Tower Environmental Requirement
  • Hazardous Effects of Cell Tower Radiation

Public Schedule

Training Date
Telecommunications Tower Operations and Maintenance Workshop 2 Days 27th April - 28th April 2021 ONLINE



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