Course Duration


Course Objectives

The world’s internet and networking system has encountered a massive revolution throughout the last decade. Many new technologies such as, dynamic website, responsive website, social media, mobile website, ecommerce based website and now web applications.

It is a common question among the developers these days, which framework to use? Since the advent of new networking technologies and the progressive popularity of Social Networking, development frameworks have become a hot topic at the moment.

Promotion of products is no longer dependent on the traditional TV advertisements or roadshows, rather the need of online promotions, content marketing and search engine optimization etc. are gaining increasingly demand.

Telecontran’s 3-day Hands on Workshop on Web Application Development Framework would not only educate on how to create a robust and capable web application but also provide knowledge on how a business can provide its product or service directly to the customers through their desktop or mobile.

After successful completion of this 3 day workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand about Framework and its application.
  • Build web application using Codeigniter
  • Learn how to create Database using Codeigniter and MySQL.
  • Build new projects which are good in terms of performance, logic, business and good visual presentation.
  • Build new projects with minimum coding from scratch.

Target Audience

This course is intended for Web Developers, web designers, or participants who are interested to learn about web development framework so that they can understand about developing application with framework for their client and in-house application as well.


Participants are requested to bring their own laptops as there would be some hands-on practice sessions during the workshop.

Participants should to be familiar with
  • Basic knowledge of programming.
  • Basic knowledge of database.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS.
  • OOP Knowledge will be beneficial.

Course Curriculum

Object Oriented PHP Basics
  • PHP (Introduction, Environment SETUP, Syntax, Variable, Constant, Operator)
  • TAGS
  • Creating Dynamic Pages
Flow Control
  • Conditional Processing (If Conditions)
  • Loops ( while- do...while- for- break and continue)
  • Numeric Array
  • Associative Array
  • Multidimensional Array
HTML and CSS for Object Oriented PHP
  • HTML & HTML5 (Complete Overview of HTML, HTML5 with examples)
  • CSS & CSS3(Complete Overview of CSS, CSS3 with examples)
Overview of a CSS Framework
  • Bootstrap framework- structure and the way of implementation basics.

Course Curriculum

String Manipulation
  • Formatting Strings
  • Magic Quotes
Writing Code and Writing Functions
  • Include Files
  • User Functions
  • HTML Form Processing with PHP
  • Form Validation
Basic PHP Framework
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Framework Advantages
  • CodeIgniter Framework Intro
  • First project using framework
CodeIgniter: DB Connection
  • Database connection
  • Active record class
CodeIgniter: Client Side Validation
  • Client Side Validation
  • RegExp
CodeIgniter: Server Side Validation
  • validation- Server side
Captcha verification

Course Curriculum

CodeIgniter: Advanced Database with Session & Email System
  • Active Record Class (Selecting Data)
  • Session
  • Email System
DB Normalization
  • Active Record Class (Method Chaining- Deleting Data)
  • Database Normalization
DB Relationship and Model Description
  • Active Record Class (Updating Data)
  • Database Relationship
  • Database Model Description
Advanced PHP Framework with Methods
  • Basic database design concept
  • CodeIgniter Methods
CodeIgniter: Classes
  • CodeIgniter Classes
CodeIgniter: Cookie
  • What is Cookie!
  • Create Cookie with PHP!
CodeIgniter: SSL, Email Manager
  • What is secure path SSL
  • An example of how to secure path for mail communication
  • Email Manager
CodeIgniter: Example of a Simple User Management Application
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Template
  • User Form Validation
  • Email Validation
  • Database Management
  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • User Panel

Public Schedule

Training Date
Software Development Framework 3 Day 25th April - 27th April, 2018 Bangkok, Thailand
“Please feel free to contact for any further details at