Course Duration


Course Objectives

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging technology in today’s networks and new approach to designing, building and managing networks. It is different from but has many synergies with other new technologies like Cloud Computing & Network Function Virtualization (NFV). The goal of Network Virtualization (NV) is to simplify, optimize, and enhance the network by creating logical networks that are decoupled from the underlying physical hardware. SDN abstracts networking infrastructure away from the actual physical equipment which allows network administrators to maintain the networking environment across multiple vendor hardware, operating systems & versions.

Telecontran’s Workshop Fundamentals of SDN and NFV is designed to addresses fundamentals of SDN, the operation of SDN controllers, network visualization software, applications, Open-Source modeling tools etc. as well as different approaches for virtualization, how they can be used to model and deploy network and service functions in cloud computing environments and Network Function Virtualization.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Gain fundamental knowledge of SDN as well as SDN architecture and key functions.
  • Explore commercial & Open-Source SDN controllers, such as, OpenDaylight SDN Controller and other SDN Platforms.
  • Review the architecture and development of the OpenFlow standards, Open vSwitch and OpenDaylight
  • Evaluate several Cloud Computing Platforms such as OpenStack and CloudStack.
  • Discuss the role of NFV architectural components, NFV Management and Orchestration as well as NFV approaches for service providers’ application development.

Target Audience

This course is intended for Network Admins, Strategic Planner, Network Architects, IT professionals including managers, engineers, and technical staff evaluating or implementing network which require SDN and NFV as well as sales and marketing staff members who are interested to learn about SDN and NFV so that they can explain their clients regarding cloud services along with SDN and NFV.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to SDN
  • Various Definitions
  • SDN Structure
  • Why decouple Control & Data Planes?
SDN Layered Architecture
  • Control Layer
  • Infrastructure Layer
  • Application Layer
SDN Advantages
  • Traditional Networking vs. SDN
SDN Controllers
  • Open-Source SDN Controllers
  • Vendor SDN Controllers
  • NBI Models / Implementations
  • What is OpenFlow?
  • OpenFlow Versions
  • OpenFlow History
  • How OpenFlow Works?
  • OpenFlow Switch
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Forwarding
  • Message Structure
  • Connection Setup
  • Topology Discovery
  • Flow Table
  • Pipeline Processing
  • Instructions & Actions
  • Group Table & Meter Table
  • Communication in Legacy Networks vs. OpenFlow Communication
  • Flow Chart
  • Failover (Protection / Restoration)
Open vSwitch
  • Open vSwitch Introduction
  • ODL Releases & Architecture
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Features & Bundles

Course Curriculum

  • Infrastructure Layer Emulator
  • Operating Mininet VM
  • Python Scripts
Management Utilities
  • dpctl
  • ovs-ofctl
Inspecting OpenFlow Transactions
Example of Vendor’s SDN Controller (Brocade)
  • Using Flow Manager to program OF Switches
Example of Vendor’s Network Visualization Tool (Hyperglance)
  • Adding / Deleting / Dumping Configurational Flows via Hyperglance
Cloud Computing
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Components of Cloud Computing
  • Principles of Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Server and Switch in Cloud Environment
  • Containers
  • Cloud Computing Platform Examples

Course Curriculum

Northbound & Southbound APIs
  • Northbound: Rest APIs
  • Southbound: OpenFlow, Netconf & others
  • SD-WAN technology and components
  • SD-WAN Ecosystem and emerging standards
  • SD-WAN use cases
Virtualization Fundamentals
  • What are Instances, Virtual Machines & Containers?
  • Hypervisor Types
  • Hypervisor vs. Container (or VM vs. Container)
  • Exercise: Playing with Virtual Machine
  • Exercise: Playing with Container
  • LXC & Docker
NFV Introduction
  • NFV Definitions
  • Market Drivers for NFV
  • ETSI NFV ISG Models
  • MANO Components
  • VNF
  • VNF Example: vCPE
  • Use of Container in NFV
Introduction to OpenStack
  • Taste of OpenStack: DevStack Installation
SDN & NFV Security
Synergies between SDN and NFV

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