Course Duration


Course Objectives

Aeronautical and Maritime Communication is the process of planning the movement of a vehicle, such as Aircraft and Ship between selected geographical points over a route. The primary objective is the planning of the route and guiding along the desired route using its navigational aids such as, latitude and longitude.

This workshop covers Aviation Communication and Navigation Systems Management, Maritime Communication, Satellite navigation, VoIP communication, GIS – the Geographic Information System and several others. This training also covers Mobile Satellite Communication as well as 5G in Satellite communication.

After successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • List the fundamentals of systems engineering applied to Aeronautical and Maritime Industry
  • Learn the principles, concepts and system design engineering of Radar System
  • Explore the IMO and ICAO channeling plan with respect to ITU’s guideline.
  • Gain knowledge on GMDSS and VDES.
  • Understand a broad overview of mobile satellite communications systems.
  • Learn how 3G towards 5G network is able to impact on Aviation / Maritime and Satellite Communication.

Target Audience

This course is an excellent choice for Radio Network Planners, Transmission Engineers, Project Managers, RF Engineers, Technicians, Aeronautical Engineers, Marine Engineers and frequency spectrum and policy makers from Telecom Regulators, Aviation and Marine Industry, Defense Industry etc.

Course Curriculum

Aeronautical Communication (Navigation, Communication and Surveillance)
  • Air Traffic Control System
  • Air Control Communication System
  • Continental Air Space Frequency System
    • VHF and UHF
  • Oceanic Areas
    • High Frequency System and SATCOM
  • Aircraft Telephone
  • Radio Navigation Systems
  • Aircraft Landing systems
  • Aircraft-loaded Radio Equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Cooperative System
  • Non-cooperative System
Radar System
  • Radar Operating principles
  • Radar Frequency bands
  • Radar System Design
IMO and ICAO channeling plans and its relationship to the ITU

Course Curriculum

Maritime Communication
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System(GMDSS)
    • HF, MF and VHF terrestrial radio communications systems
  • AIS- Automatic Identification Systems
  • LRIT- Long Range Identification and Tracking
  • SSAS- Ship Security Alerting system
  • E-Navigation
  • VHF Data Exchange System (VDES)
Mobile satellite Communication
  • Geostationary Satellite
  • The Quasi-Zenith Satellite
  • The Non-Geostationary Satellite
  • Satellite Antenna
  • Radio Resource Management

Course Curriculum

5G and New Vertical (Airport/Maritime)
  • Private 5G Network
  • Mission Critical Push To Talk
  • 5G air-to-ground (including Low-Altitude Airspace)
5G in Satellite Communication

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