Course Duration


Course Objectives

The design specification of 5G is started from 3GPP Rel. 15; with different focus on air interface and core network. 5GCore is completely different architecture that intends to be a single core that supports different types of access network. The 5G networking system has been established to support different type of services (eMBB, URLLC and MTC) using new networking techniques such as Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. 5G starts supporting network slices, edge computing and network automation.

Telecontran’s 3-day Workshop on 5G Core (5GC) Network is designed to provide more depth in 5GCore Network, technology used to build the 5GCore Network (5GC) and future evolution of the 5GCore. This workshop also covers Network Functions of 5G Core Network, Network Slicing as well as Packet Forwarding Control Protocol (PFCP), Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS).

After successful completion of this 3 day workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand a concise and accessible explanation of the underlying technology and standards for 5G technology and the key principles behind the evolving 5G core network.
  • Learn the basic architecture of 5G core network as well as the functional split in the architecture.
  • Understand 5G Network Functions (NF) that are implemented in 5GC and their roles.
  • Illustrate the purpose behind Service-Based Architecture (SBA) and 5G Network Slicing
  • Sketch the architecture for MEC and the traffic flow for MEC applications
  • Learn Software based network data plane development for 5GCore network

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for Radio Network Planners, Transmission Engineers, Core Network Engineers, Project Managers, RF Engineers & Technicians and frequency spectrum and policy makers from Regulators, in a word, anyone looking for an understanding of the technologies and interworking requirements of the next generation of cellular communications.

Course Curriculum

Introduction of 5G: Architecture and Key Principles
5GCore Network: Architecture and Key Principles
  • Service Based Architecture (SBA)
  • Cloud Native (Micro services, containers)
  • Control and Data plane separation (CUPS)
  • Network Slices
5GCore Network: Network Functions and their roles
  • Access and Mobility Function (AMF)
  • Session Management Function (SMF)
  • User Plane Function (UPF)
  • AUSF
  • UDM
  • AF
  • PCF
CUPS protocol in 5G
  • Introduction and history of Packet Forwarding Control Protocol (PFCP)
  • The rule based design, and rules for flow detection, action, usage reporting, and QoS enablement
  • Deep dive into PFCP key messages (Association Setup, Session Establishment, Update, and deletion, Session Reporting)

Course Curriculum

Technology used for building 5GCore network
  • Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)
  • Vector Packet Processing (VPP)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • P4
Practical demo of SMF and UPF
  • Installation of Vector Packet Processing (VPP) based UPF
  • Installation of partial SMF
  • Hands on experience
  • Discussion of OpenSource 5GCore network

Course Curriculum

Massive IoT in 5G
  • LTE-M and NB-IoT
  • Key concepts: PSM and eDRX
  • IP and Non IP data delivery
  • Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF) in Detail
Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
Network Slice
Future of 5GCore
  • Rel 16 and Rel 17
  • New proposal of Service Communication Proxy
  • 6G: Native IP, Mobility, high reliable Transport protocol, Network analytics

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