Course Duration


Seminar Overview

Technologies are upgrading day by day at a great rate and as such, the requirement of the telecom professionals is also alternating.

This seminar is specially designed to focus on the up-to- date overview of Telecommunication and the Telco industries and current forecasts of the changes in technology, markets and industry structure that are buffeting the Telco industry. The emphasis is on those changes that involve the major assets of the wireless, wired, IP networks.

This seminar is a half day program covering some important aspects of Telecom Networks, applications and services. For detail knowledge participants are requested to consider attending Telecontran’s “Refreshing Telecommunications Fundamentals” course.

Target Audience

This program is designed for Telcom Professionals who are Interest to acquire more advanced knowledge in telecom industry.


  • Evolution and Telecom History
  • Uses, Service and Application of Telecommunications
  • Telecom System Architecture
  • Telecom Standardization and Governing bodies
  • Transmission Medium - Fiber Optic and Submarine Cable
  • VSAT, Cable TV and IPTV
  • Cloud Computing
  • 2G – 3G – 4G Network
  • The Future in 5G
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